Premium Female Maryland Blue Crabs By The Bushel
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Premium Female Maryland Blue Crabs By The Bushel


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  • SMALL/MEDIUM Bushel approximately 8 DOZEN
    • sized 5.25 – 6 inches
  • LARGE Bushel approximately 6 DOZEN
    • sized 6+ inches
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Premium Large Female Maryland Crabs Delivered Straight to your Doorstep

Are you a crab fan who worries that there won’t be enough Maryland blue crabs to last the entire crab season? Overfishing can be a concern, and we may see severe consequences in the long run.

It’s wonderful to know that the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to preserving female crabs in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable mayland blue crab population. Every year, 126 million female blue crabs are counted in the Chesapeake Bay. Are you looking for a huge supply of excellent Maryland blue crabs?

The good news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to Maryland to taste the delicious and delicate crab meat that only 100% authentic Maryland blue crabs can provide. You’ll keep coming back for more since the meat is supple and buttery and melts in your tongue.

We transport female Maryland blue crabs to your door at Vince’s Crab House. We’ll have your premium female blue crabs on your table with only a few clicks on our website.

Taste the Best Crab Meat in the World

Maryland blue crabs are popular all across America and even worldwide as the best tasting crabs, you can buy. When it comes to crab meat, nothing comes close to authentic Maryland blue crabs. The question is which tastes better, female or male blue crabs?

Seafood lovers believe that female crab meat has a denser, sweeter flavor but contains lesser meat than their male counterparts. To tell one from another, female blue crabs have red tipped claws and a broad abdominal apron while males sport bright blue claws and a narrower abdominal apron.  Male meat tends to be flaky while females have a denser quality.

Guaranteed Authentic

If you’re from Maryland, you’ll recognize the difference in flavor between true blue female crabs and those that pretend to be legitimate but are actually fakes and pricey. Some sellers these days can’t be trusted; those claiming to sell Maryland crabs actually get them from the Carolina coast or the Gulf of Mexico. The imported crabs are less expensive and larger than Maryland blue crabs, but the taste and quality pale in comparison.

Worst case scenario: shops claiming that these imported crabs are local Maryland blue crabs in order to sell them for a premium. When you buy female blue crabs from Maryland, you automatically presume they were caught in the Chesapeake Bay. Many people have been duped, therefore we must exercise caution when purchasing crab flesh. If you’re looking for a reputable retailer, we’re here to help.

We are happy to serve 100% real Maryland crabs at Vince’s Crab House. You deserve the greatest crab flesh available, and we deliver it fresh to your door at the most competitive costs. Large Male or Female crabs are available by the dozen or bushel.

Delivered Fresh from Shore to Door

When you order our large female Maryland blue crabs, we capture, steam, and pack them on the same day that your orders are shipped. If you’re weary of going to the grocery store and buying phony blue crabs that aren’t fresh and taste boring, click on our purchase now button to get the best Maryland blue crab online shopping experience. Fresh blue crabs caught daily from crabbing boats trawling the Chesapeake Bay for the best catch are unrivaled.

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Weight 41 lbs

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