Premium Male Maryland Blue Crabs By The 1/2 Bushel
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Premium Male Maryland Blue Crabs By The 1/2 Bushel


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  • SMALLS approximately 4 Dozen sized 5 – 5 3/4 inches
  • MEDIUMS approximately 3 Dozen sized 5 3/4 – 6 1/4 inches
  • LARGE approximately 3 Dozen sized 6 1/4 – 6 3/4 inches
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High-quality Male Maryland Blue Crabs delivered right to your door

After you have tried Maryland blue crab’s delicious and delicate crab meat, all other crabs will be pale in comparison. At your next dinner party, you will be talking about tender crab meat that melts in your mouth. Vince’s Crab House offers authentic Maryland blue crabs without you having to travel to Maryland. We deliver premium Maryland blue crabs fresh to your door in just a few clicks.

Enjoy the best crab meat in the world

In 2019, a survey revealed that Chesapeake Bay is home to nearly 600 million blue crabs. Maryland blue crabs are the only source of delicious crab meat. Maryland blue crabs are the best source of crab meat.

Ever wonder why Maryland blue crabs are regarded as the best in the entire world? Blue crabs in Maryland experience four distinct seasons. They are required to hibernate in the winter season. This is why their fat stores are darker and more mustard-colored than other blue crab varieties. The meat is sweeter and more buttery due to this dark yellow fat store. Season the meat with a little salt and you will get the best crab meat anywhere. You can’t go wrong if you serve Maryland blue crabs, whether for your own consumption or as a part of a restaurant’s menu.

100% Authentic Maryland Blue Crabs

Are you being scammed by crab cake sellers who claim their crab cakes are Maryland-style? We feel exactly what you are feeling. Who wants to spend top dollar on fake, undersized Maryland blue crabs that aren’t as good tasting?

Vince’s Crab House is proud to serve 100% Maryland crabs. We believe you deserve the finest crab meat and will ship them to you fresh at the most competitive prices. You can choose from large male or female crabs by the dozen, or by the bushel. Marylanders living abroad can now enjoy the memories of their childhood with blue crabs at the family table, straight from Chesapeake Bay.

You can now enjoy a Maryland crab feast with your family and friends, no matter where they are located in America. Maryland crabs, melted cheese, crab mallets and newspaper are all now available without the need to travel all the way from Maryland. Relive Maryland’s crab feast experience by shopping now

Freshly Delivered from Shore to Door

We catch and steam Maryland blue crabs in Maryland. They are packed the day after we ship them. You don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy fake blue crabs. We offer the best online blue crab shopping.

Fresh blue crabs caught from crabbing boats in Chesapeake Bay are the best. Are you running out of ideas for gifts to give your loved ones? You will receive wonderful reviews if you send them a package of our premium blue crabs.

It’s easy to send a gift package of blue crabs. Simply enter the name and address of your recipient when you checkout and we’ll handle everything. We can also include a gift note to the box.

Vince’s Crab House offers the best quality and convenience for crab lovers across America. Our passion is to provide the highest quality customer service and high-quality seafood to every customer.

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Weight 22 lbs

Small, Medium, Large


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